Available Metrics

For the Do-It-Yourselfers – those who can interpret their own graphs and read their own tables – below is a list of metrics you can choose from to analyze your clinic’s status. For those who prefer to allow KCD Pros to perform the analysis, below is a relatively comprehensive list of the tools we incorporate to perform our analysis.

Pull all aspects of your clinic operations together into a single predictive model:

  • Accounts for every parameter described in this KPI section plus employee pay rates (both medical and administrative), your contractual insurance reimbursement rates, and some other aspects of running your clinic.
  • Goes as far as telling you how much your variable expenses are liable to increase when you hire a new employee and move X number of clients from the wait list to that new employee’s schedule – provides a complete analysis of what a new employee will cost and what that employee will bring in to the clinic from day one.
  • Tells you if you’re likely receiving 100% of the money from insurance companies that you should be – based on your contractual reimbursement rate with them and work loads.
  • Analyze how an increase in the number of visits by 10% in the next year will affect employee hours, payroll, variable expenses, and net revenue, among other parameters.
  • Plan to use the Client Show Rate List to boost productivity and want to see how that will affect your net? We can do that, too.
  • Assess whether it’s beneficial to start accepting a new insurance at a given rate of reimbursement per visit.
  • MORE!!!
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Monitor scheduled and/or attended growth in terms of number of visits, hours, or unique clients

  • Each one has its advantages:
    • Visits will show you growth in terms of what can be billed to insurance.
    • Hours shows growth in terms of employee time requirements.
    • Unique clients shows the number of people actually attracted to your
      clinic to help gauge success in marketing.
  • Many products below can help you sustain or create your desired growth. If growth is negative or less than you’d like, use those products to help turn it around (attract more clients, help prevent clients from leaving, etc.).
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Products that summarize your long-term, mid-term, and short-term growth and provide feedback that can help you continue or resume growing:

  • These are useful summaries of your growth, and provide good guidance on what other products may be of particular interest given your growth trends
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Products summarizing new clients coming into your clinic:

  • New Clients List is particularly helpful to summarize, name by name, new clients who have been seen by your clinic over a user-specified time period (the past pay period, for instance). Allows follow up with these new patients to ensure their first impressions have been favorable and also to make sure they’ve been added to the schedule properly for routine visits (if needed).
  • The graph helps analyze the number of new patients coming into your clinic over time.
    • If the numbers are dropping, then it is critical that you review your marketing strategies and make sure your presence on social media platforms is not slipping.
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Products to keep track of patients who are leaving your clinic:

  • Clients will leave your clinic for a wide range of reasons. Some of them may be disgruntled about something. It’s important to catch those patients for several reasons. First, you may be able to draw them back. Second, angry patients often talk on social media and review sites. If you contact them and show concern about their complaints, they are FAR less likely to do so.
    • Retaining clients and minimizing negativity on social media will spark growth by drawing new clients and minimizing the loss of existing clients.
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Track when it’s time to send a patient a survey to rate their experience at your clinic:

  • This list will tell you the names of patients who have reached a specified number of visits. Send people on this list an email asking them to rate their overall experience and leave a comment. Use these ratings to award employees who receive good call-outs. Address disgruntled patients before they leave or badmouth the clinic on social media. It also helps encourage happy clients to share their experiences on social media to improve your public exposure.
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Track and fix employee or clinic-wide productivity and client show rates:

  • The lower your productivity, the more time your employees are sitting idle, and your treatment rooms are empty. You continue paying rent and to air condition those rooms (and paying salaried employees), but you’re not making a dime on that space.
  • The Client Show Rate List gives you the power to improve productivity. This table provides the show rate for each client over a given period of time. If they’re below a certain threshold and it’s not due to authorization issues, give that client a warning. If their poor attendance continues, remove them from the schedule. Losing a poor client will result in you making more money in the long-run.
  • The Attended / Scheduled / Productivity List provides output that can help with your payroll. This also allows you to see the productivity for each employee over a length of time chosen by you.
  • The productivity and show rate graphs will allow you to evaluate trends over a given period of time.
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Monitor the distribution of insurances you accept:

  • If you accept insurance, make sure you aren’t too “top-heavy” on any single insurance provider. We’ve seen bad things happen to other clinics that didn’t follow that rule. This table will tell you what your insurance distribution looks like on a per visit and percentage basis.
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Track trends in your financials:

  • Tracking your financials and comparing the growth of your gross income and expenses to the growth in your scheduled/attended visits/hours is critical. If they don’t follow each other, it could show serious problems in your billing or in other aspects of your clinic management.
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