Top of the Line Consultation


What’s included?

  • Initial consultation to become familiar with your clinic and your primary needs / concerns.
  • Thorough analysis of your data with our extensive knowledge of KPIs and our exclusive Predictive Modeling Tool.
  • One-hour, personal consultation with KCD Pros via a HIPAA compliant Zoom call following data analysis.
  • You will be required to submit data prior to this analysis (re: scheduling, attendance, financial). Specific requirements will be sent to you separately.
  • Up to 3 unique locations and 3 unique disciplines will be analyzed (additional locations and/or disciplines can be added).
Mask group

Discussion will include:

  • Analysis of your historic/current growth trends
  • Specific methods to improve productivity
  • Employee utilization
  • Client retention and potentially lost clients
  • Attraction of new clients
  • Diversity of insurance visits
  • Expense analysis
  • Gross earnings analysis
  • Comparison of gross earnings to insurance visits
  • At least one simulation using the predictive modeling tool to optimize your clinic

Interpret it Yourself
Package - $299

Brief summary of key analyses provided in follow-up email.

All Metrics listed in "Our KPIs" given to you in graph and table format for your personal review.

Additional Hourly Consulting - $179/hour

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