The Power of Communication: Leveraging KPIs for Client Retention and Attraction

When it comes to client retention, a couple of often overlooked KPI groups deal with monitoring new clients and potentially lost clients.

Growth KPIs somewhat cover the logic behind monitoring the numbers of new patients or lost patients over time.

Monitoring these KPIs helps ensure the stream of incoming and outgoing patients is not radically changing for the worse. The question is: why would you want a list of new or lost clients?

Why Track New and Lost Clients?

Communication is a critical component in building a clinic that is well-liked in the community. Additionally, it is key to receiving favorable feedback on social media and in online reviews.

How often do you read a comment on social media that someone felt like they were just a number at any given clinic?

You likely established your clinic with the idea that your clients wouldn’t feel that way. In addition to creating a homey feel in the clinic, reaching out to patients when they first arrive and after their last visit can be a way of letting them know they are important to you.

It’s also another way to show you appreciate their trust and patronage.

The Importance of Communication

The new patient list allows you to reach out to new patients to make sure their first visit was favorable. It also allows you to ask if they have any follow-up questions.

This list can also be used to ensure your front office is following up on any required scheduling and setting up for routine visits if necessary.

Utilizing the New Patient List

The potentially lost client list may be even more important. Many clients in a therapy clinic will leave due to discharge. In other cases and clinics, clients may stop scheduling because they’re angry about something.

Some clients will be very vocal about things they don’t like while attending a clinic. While you can address many of their concerns on the fly, others may get mad and leave without ever saying a word.

Once they leave, they may be quick to post a bad review online or make nasty comments about your clinic on social media. These actions hurt your reputation without even giving you an opportunity to correct the situation.

This potentially lost clients list is your opportunity to correct these issues before they cost you clients. Reach out to the people on this list. Ask them how their experience was and if there’s anything you can do to win them back.

Oftentimes, they may simply want to see a different provider in your clinic. They might also need a better explanation of why treatment is proceeding the way it is.

At the very least, reaching out shows them they are more than a number – you care about them. This outreach almost always makes them think twice about posting a nasty comment about your clinic online.

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