Maximizing Clinic Growth: Key KPIs and Strategies for Success

One of the key KPI categories to monitor is the scheduled and attended growth of your clinic. It’s important to monitor the overall clinic growth as well as each location and discipline.

This practice allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of management at each location and the strengths and contributions of each discipline.

Analyzing Clinic Visits for Growth

Analyzing visits is useful to assess growth from the perspective of billable or potentially billable visits.

Assessing growth based on attended or scheduled hours helps gauge employee scheduling and hiring needs.

Last but not least, assessing growth from the standpoint of unique clients served helps quantify the growth of the company—in terms of the number of clients attracted and served by the clinic.

These three aspects of growth are very important and useful in guiding the hiring, marketing, and monitoring of the clinic.

Assessing Employee Scheduling and Hiring Needs

There are many reasons to monitor growth. A couple include:

A decrease or stagnation in size could indicate that you are losing patients.

  • A deeper analysis of your data to find the source may be required.
  • Routinely performing a deep analysis may help avoid long-term stagnation or downturns from occurring.
  • To help prevent negative growth or stagnation, you must look into the number of clients that have been lost recently. Options should be explored and acted upon to deal with the loss of patients.
    • Are they receiving poor treatment from your providers? Are they unhappy with your front-end staff? Is your facility dirty and in need of upgrades? Are your private pay prices competitive enough?
    • Many factors can drive clients away. Routinely monitoring the rate at which patients leave, routinely surveying patients for their thoughts about your clinic and their provider, and working to improve your patients’ experiences are important.

A lack of growth can also indicate that your clinic is taking on fewer new clients.

  • A routine analysis of the number of new clients coming into the clinic should be conducted.
    • Seasonal or economic trends can cause declines. Decreases can also be caused by poor representation on social media, a lack of positive reviews, growing competition in the area, or other factors.
    • No matter the cause, recognizing the downturn and enacting a plan to fight against it is critical to the success of your clinic. Catching these downturns early is critical.
  • Routine analysis of these KPIs will allow you to track the success of new social media postings, new marketing tactics, and other outreach efforts.

The Role of Routine KPI Analysis

At KCD Pros, we generate graphs of growth, client acquisition, client loss, and tables of patients due for a new survey.

We can also help you analyze them and generate a game plan for how to keep moving forward and keep growing. We don’t just drop a pile of data on you and wish you luck.

Partner with us to unlock your clinic’s full potential and achieve lasting success.