Case Study

KCD Pros – KPI Analyses

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KCD Pros has recently completed a case study of the effectiveness of our KPI analyses. Some specific results follow.

KCD Pros compared the growth in scheduled visits before implementation of our analyses vs. after implementation of our analyses for a clinic over the period of two years. We found that our KPI analysis helped the clinic increase their growth in scheduled visits by 53% per year in the second year following the implementation of changes. Due in part to improved productivity from our analyses, the increase in the growth of attended visits was even more dramatic at 94% per year.

What does this mean? If you’re scheduled for 1,000 visits per week, and you typically add about 100 more weekly visits per year, a 94% increase in that growth means you would increase your weekly visits by 194 per week over the course of one year instead of 100. That’s almost doubling your growth rate if your results are similar!

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We compared several other growth parameters before and after implementation of our KPI analyses. Over the course of the first year of analysis, the increases in growth for the following were:

  • Scheduled unique clients: 12% faster after implementation than before implementation of KCD analyses in the first year alone.
  • Attended unique clients: 50% faster in the first year.
  • Gross earnings: 43% faster growth in the first year.
  • Net earnings: $210,000 increase in the first year alone.

These are only a few of the more easily quantifiable parameters that were improved for the clinic. Contact KCD Pros today to begin strengthening your clinic!